New Beginning.

So here it is, a new start on a fresh blog.

What I am trying to achieve is a balance between the new technological advancements has to offer everyone, as well as what has been lost or forgotten in the process of modernization. We often forgot about the many simple pleasures that nature and the world provided to us amongst the many things we tend to keep ourselves occupied with (ipods, facebook, television dramas). Happiness, for many of us today, is focused on the material: money.

I’m sure many of you have been told something along the lines that “Happiness is a choice” or that “money can’t buy happiness”. So why is it that we tend to forget those facts? Why do we continue to listen to corporate marketers who insist that buying the newest pair of sneakers or latest video game will make us happier?

Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness (2007) writes:

“…The production of wealth does not necessarily make individuals happy, but it does serve the needs of an economy, which serves the needs of a stable society, which serves as a network for the propagation of delusional beliefs about happiness and wealth. Economies thrive when individuals strive, but because individuals will only strive for their own happiness, it is essential that they mistakenly believe that producing and consuming are routes to personal well being

Daniel Gilbert helped put the jumbled thoughts in my head into a concise sentence. I do not need to fall into the pit of consumerism. I am fully capable of being more conscious and aware of advertisements that attempt to sell me their products. I do not need to follow the latest trends to believe that I will be seen as “cooler” or “sexier.” Rather, I will be comfortable with who I am, as a conscious buyers, and not allow my confidence, beliefs and self to be defined by the goods and products I buy or consume.


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