Just Write.

Sometimes you just have to write.

Just stop thinking. Let the thoughts flow from your head, through your arms, out your fingers and onto the screen. The computer is now an extension of the mind.

Now be inspired to write. Be inspired to do something. Use this beautifully designed piece of technology for something good, or even better, something great.

Let your voice be heard, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Someone out there, some lonely soul, will stumble upon your page at 3 AM, unable to sleep because he is looking for something more stimulating than the hours of repetitive TV dramas. Use the internet for something of greater quality than finding gossip about celebrities on Perez Hilton. Be more resourceful and creative in the way you share your world through the internet.


4 responses to “Just Write.

  1. skyline112

    Sometimes it’s also nice to write things out by hand. That way, your writing becomes much more personal. 🙂

    • I agree! It’s also nice being able to read your writing off something that isn’t a screen =p

  2. Tim Tumbagahan

    you should make a blog about the different kinds of food you eat every day
    i would find that really helpful

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