The Simple Things.

Why do we feel we need to complicate our lives?

Why haven’t we learned that despite all this new technology and “stuff” at our disposal, it is still the simple things in life which leave the greatest impacts. Sure we have ipods, xboxes, the internet and computers to entertain us, but what about everything else? Despite all this “stuff” we now have, how much happier has it made us?

Rather than sitting at the dinner table and talking to our family, why do we feel it is necessary to eat with headphones on? Instead of updating your facebook status every 15 minutes to let everyone know how enjoyable your night is, why not finish it first, then tell us all about it in the morning? And even better, why not get up from your computer and try something you’ve always wanted to?

Why not go out to a pool for a swim and cool off during this heatwave? How about starting the pile of books you have been meaning to read every since the end of classes? Or what about that painting you started a month ago, but is now sitting in the back of your closet?

I can be almost certain that this message has been sent out multiple times, maybe that is why I am repeating it. The simple message of “get out and do something” has been reiterated to our generation ever since we were in the first grade. And at the beginning of summer, I told myself I would. Instead of doing the regular brainless activities, I wanted something different. So I challenge you, to do the same. To engage in simple activity you’ve been meaning to do all summer. Go…

Ride your bike. Go to the beach. Cook your family dinner. Draw a picture. Write a blog. Read to your sister.

or even just catch up with a friend or two in person.

Do something you love, or try something new. Remember the simple things.


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