Be one with nature.

Sorry I havent posted in a couple days, I was being one with nature.

It was my first time camping this post-long weekend, and it was a blast. It was partly what I was expecting, but it was also different. For some reason I had this image of a dark, creepy forest where you would plop your tent, start a fire and rough it out for three days.

In reality, we were at a campsite with all the luxuries of bathrooms, showers and running water. But that did not spoil it one bit.

When you have no electronics or distractions, you have to become creative and make your own fun or suffer from bordem. With 5 coolers of food and drinks, a bbq and two hot plates, eating becomes the center of attention. We did a lot of eating, lounging and talking. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t “anything to do,” because we would keep each other company and entertained.

Wouldn’t it be great if every night you could fall asleep with your friends and talk yourselves into a slumber?

The Creek

The Creek


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