Can we all just slow down a bit? please?

Although it’s the summer, why is it that I find myself more and more exhausted? These are the four months in which I can relax and enjoy my free time before I begin school. Instead of doing what I want to do, work leaves me tired and un-motivated. I’d rather just stay home and lay in bed than go out or do something productive.

This is just a glimpse of what I fear I may experience as a “real” adult, with a “real” job and “real” priorities. What does “real” even mean? Does it mean that everything, in fact, will get worse? Will it mean that if I find myself consumed by work and other priorities, by the time I find a career, I will have even less time than now?

What ever happened to enjoying life? When I feel like everything I am currently doing is purely to advance myself in order to set up a successful future, when will I actually get to enjoy this future? If everything I put in today, is for tomorrow, when will I be able to finally enjoy today and not tomorrow?

Growth is good. Advancement is good. Planning is good. That’s what we’ve been told. But when is too much, just really too much? Why don’t we cut back a bit and enjoy what we already have? We have so much, yet we cannot enjoy it because we still want more.

So let’s slow down. Let’s enjoy and savour life.


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