I just don’t get it.

After watching a short news report on the healthcare reforms that are currently ongoing in the U.S., I’ve gotten surprisingly annoyed. I think this begun when those against healthcare reforms began accusing President Obama of supporting nazism, facism and even using sharpies to add hitler mustaches on his face. What does that make me here in Canada then? Are we even worse for having universal healthcare? Are we facists?

I do not understand what these people have to be afraid about of universal healthcare. This is not something ‘evil’ that will create a socialized governement and impede on ever aspect on a persons life. No, infact, this should be  an essential component of everyone’s life as it reduces the cost of receiving medical care and allows people to live a greater and fuller life. With medical insurance, those who are not covered, will be able to go to the doctors without worrying about the bil that will follow suit.

So stop the hate with factless arguments. Get your facts straight and stop being ignorant. Obama is neither a nazi nor a facist and through healthcare he is not trying to rule America.

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