They are the hardest thing to come by. Family is pretty easy, although sometimes dysfunctional, actually, almost always dysfunctional, they are your blood and no matter how hard you pray for them to leave, they’ll be there. Good friends, those who will stick by you, those who you can depend on and laugh with, are almost one in a million to find.

Alot of the time I feel like I’m without friends. Like the people I hung out with last month, or last year, are no longer my friends because I don’t see them. But I think I’m beginning to realize that friendship is a little less superficial. It doesn’t matter how often you see your friends, that your friends are your friends; and the fact that you can rely on them when you need them makes them your friend.

Not to abuse the fact that you need them though, like asking for something every time you talk, or being friends with someone simply because they can advance your life or provide you with something every time you call. But simply when you’re in the shits, they’ll be there for you.

So figure it out. Remember your good friends, keep in touch and  let them know you’re their friend. Friends are important and next to family, they’re the only people who will actually matter in your life.


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