In hindsight…

It’s funny how when leaving high school, a lot of people thought things would be different. As if our lives would break out of its cocoon and we would finally be able to fly free and high without any of the past weight from high school. Like we’d meet a hundred new friends in our first week, never see our high school nemesis,  decide life was better and leave everything behind us. 

Our young naive selves got the best of us. 

The problems that we were running from in high school materialized in university. What we thought we had lost in the past, was now present again. Problems left unresolved had now morphed into something much more difficult to deal with. The same things that kept us awake at night were now here in the present. 

Little did we know that the problems we were running from were internal. That the people around us, our environment, our teachers, were the same. The problem was in the way we viewed the world, not the world itself.


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