What to do next.

A crisis is occurring and it’s passing under our noses as we happily go about our lives. Us, as young British Columbians, are being set up for failure. The state of our province is going unchecked by Us, who will eventually inherit the economic and systemic malfunctions that our current provincial leaders have created.

I recently stumbled across an article, regarding the recent budget of the B.C Liberals and in particular the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Now, when I first heard about this, I thought it was to be an alright thing to propose. As we are in an “economic crisis” of sorts, then we can work our way out of it by taxation. But then I read the fine print.

The BC government claims that the harmonized sales tax will “save employers $2 billion that can be used to lower prices, increase investment and create jobs.” In theory, by adding the 7% of taxes to the consumers, businesses will be able to reduce the prices, passing on the savings to the consumers by 7%. But really, since when did economics work out of the normal citizens?

Instead of using the 1.9 billion generated by the taxes to benefit and increase the public services, we are instead giving it to the big businesses. This is basically a call to action. That we can’t idly sit by while politicians run amuck our beautiful province, leaving us with problems to deal with in the future.


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