Welcome to Vancouvers Police State

Welcome to “The Best Place on Earth.” Home of the 2010 Olympics

Where the living standards are in the top 10 of the World, yet 30% of those living in the Downtown Eastside live with AIDs. A place where you are free to say what you want, so long as it doesn’t impede with the positive images of the International Olympic Committee and their Multinational Corporate sponsors. So let’s enjoy our Olympics and 2.8 billion dollar deficit, throw in some more money for the Olympic Village, and pay close to another 1 billion out of our pockets to keep us safe from ourselves.

This is a trainwreck. I was not originally opposed to the Olympics, heck, I thought it’d be a great idea to have them here. Where the organizers went wrong was in the planning, the devil is in the details. Noone has a problem with the olympics until they see how wrong we went in our spending, especially during a time when obtaining more debt is not favourable for most British Columbians.


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