UBC Street

UBC Street, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

Engineers repainting the “E” once again…

I’d also like to thank all the viewers of my blog. November has been the busiest month I’ve ever had!


5 responses to “UBC Street

  1. my stats seriously depress me, but I suppose it’s fair as I hardly post anymore.

    Are you doing a bunch of hipshots? (are those what they’re called? That’s what I call them)

    • Yeahhh, you should post more!!

      ummm, some are hipshots, some are from the eye? This wasn’t form the hip though. It’s pretty fun, we should go shoot people!

      • I’m working on it! I’m trying to get it up to once per week, at least.

        I just mean sneaky shots, I suppose. They look fun! Perhaps if I get a fancy camera one day!

  2. Lovely. Been trying out some street photography out myself. We should go out and do some together some time =D



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