2010: Pizza and Landscape

2010: February. Cold Pizza, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

2010: Week 5 Landscapes, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

This daily “what did I eat” theme is going to be interesting because I don’t have a kitchen. It’s kind of a downer because I love to cook and this would have been a perfect chance to share the delicious food I made with you guys. Anyways here is the first of them, Cold delicious Panago pizza. Also here’s my first week landscape photo from Steveston dike (again). Enjoy!


5 responses to “2010: Pizza and Landscape

  1. thats a really cool picture.
    Also there is nothing wrong with a pizza every now and again

  2. Why don’t you have a kitchen?
    Also, I just noticed you misspelled ‘betterthanrealife’ in your side bar >

    Nice new layout, too!

    • Ohh, we have kitchen renovations right now and it won’t be done for another month =(
      Haha whooooops, fixed that.

      You must really like my layout!

      2010/01/27 at 6:41pm
      Nice new layout!

  3. gordonkatic

    There are some things that shouldn’t be photographed. One of them is pizza. Look at that, all greasy and disgusting. It shouldn’t be photographed because looking at it gives you time to think. When you have time to really contemplate pizza, you come to realize you should never eat it. But when you’re acting spontaneously, there is nothing better than pizza.

    • Hahah, that was my initial reaction when I was taking the pictures. It was kind of like…yeah…this doesn’t look good. But we all know pizza is delish!

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