About Myself

I am currently a second year university student  in Vancouver Canada. At times I may come off as extremely cynical and pessimistic, but I see myself as a realist and hopeful that things can always change for the better.  I’ve been interested in photography since I was young, but began taking pictures more seriously shortly after I graduated from high school using my dads old Nikon D70s. Although I’m pretty boring I enjoy cooking, eating, photography, reading and traveling.

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  • Forget safety
    Live where you fear to live
    Destroy your reputation
    Be notorious

    — Rumi


    3 responses to “About Myself

    1. I love your photography!

    2. JON!!!! I have to leave a comment. I absolutely love your photography. Is this blog for school or is it personal? I have one for school (look up), but mine is not as rich with art like yours!! I’m not used to the whole blogging thing yet. aha. see you around!!

      ps. the Vancouver Biennale project ends this year, I hope you get to find all the sites; because that is what I’m attempting to do!!

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