About The Blog

Nobuddyreads anymore. Maybe we’re all just too lazy to read something that isn’t interesting or entertaining.

Here, you’ll find my thoughts and pictures throughout this thing we call life. Although I used to write a lot more, this has become more of a photoblog, but I do tend to write the occasional blurb or two. Through my pictures and words, I hope that you the reader can experience something a little different from the everyday.

If you wish to use any pictures, please let me know and link back to my page please.

Feel free to comment, I love feedback and your thoughts!


3 responses to “About The Blog

  1. OK….I’m joining your journey….looks like we started at about the same time with the blogs. Keep posting and don’t let your Nobuddy Readers down.

    Some won’t let you know that they’re here….but they are. 🙂


  2. Hey nobuddyreads!

    Love your photos. I work for the Vancouver Biennale as their social media/blogger type person.

    Can I post your photos on the blog?

    Can you send me an email with your name and how you’d like to be attributed? ie: Flickr link or whatever?

    Thanks! sean[at]vancouverbiennale[dot]com

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