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MIA: Exams

I’ve decided to go MIA for the next 17 days until my exams are over. But before I go, I wanted to write out some plans for the summer:

  • Get more portraits in (Belle, Minnie and Jordan!!!!)
  • Make my Portfolio!
  • Photowalks (Lets go Nick! you too Jeremy…I think it’s a much needed catch up)
  • Document the city
  • Take some more photos of my own cooking
  • Get in the studio and learn some lighting!
  • Get my reading on, I’ve got the Photographer’s Eye and Light: Science and Magic waiting for me
  • Go on a couple weekend travels
  • Get sponsors and raise a ton of money for the Richmond BCSPCA‘s Paws for a Cause
  • Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my ife (ie: Urban Planning in Grad schools, etc)

But First, Kill my exams. See ya Later everyone! Since I have no pictures to give you, here’s a cute cat.

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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Vancouver Biennale: Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head

So after failing at studying, I decided to take some pictures around Richmond. I’ve been meaning to go and check out Miss Mao after all the controversy it was recently causing about promoting communism among other things. But isn’t that what art is suppose to do? Challenge the way we think about things and stir up conversation/debate? The rest of the pictures are at the Miss Mao set on Flickr.

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

2010: February. Chocolate Wafer Cookies


2010: Pizza and Landscape

2010: February. Cold Pizza, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

2010: Week 5 Landscapes, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

This daily “what did I eat” theme is going to be interesting because I don’t have a kitchen. It’s kind of a downer because I love to cook and this would have been a perfect chance to share the delicious food I made with you guys. Anyways here is the first of them, Cold delicious Panago pizza. Also here’s my first week landscape photo from Steveston dike (again). Enjoy!


They say love ain’t nothing but a sore
I don’t even know what love is
Too many tears have had to fall
Don’t you know I’m so tired of it all
I have known terror dizzy spells
Finding out the secrets words won’t tell
Whatever it is it can’t be named
There’s a part of my world that’ s fading away

2010 Challenges. Week 4: Resolutions, The City

2010: Week 4 Resolutions, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

Love this city. That’s my resolution, to love and appreciate one of the greatest cities in the world, Vancouver. I hate this place so much sometimes, but it’s my home, it’s where I’ve been the last 19 years and I love it despite everything else. This is the concrete jungle of the Pacific Northwest.
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

2010 Challenges. Week 3: Resolutions, Protein

2010: Week 3 Resolutions, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

So Andrew and I went to Popeyes this weekend to get some protein. Gonna workout and have huge biceps and a six pack by the end of the year. Haha just kidding. But I am gonna lose some of this belly.