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More of Montreal


At the Metro


Schwartz Corned Beef Sandwich


Graffiti at the laundromat


Wall Mural




View from the Top of Mont-Royale


Looking up from the top

Here are a couple more pictures from my trip (still a lot more to come!). They include Graffiti around St. Laurent and a view from Mont-Royale. You can find the rest of the set here, and if you haven’t already seen my post on food52 for


John Mayer.

Everybody is just a stranger but
that’s the danger in going my own way
I guess it’s the price I have to pay
still “Everything happens for a reason”
is no reason not to ask myself

Not enough words, nor pictures can describe how incredible this concert was. It was everything I expect and much more. I feel sometimes like his lyrics speak for my heart, like I don’t need to say anything, just listen to his music and it is enough. Awesome start to my long-weekend. Leaving tomorrow morning to Montreal, it’s going to be great. Have a great weekend everyone!

Vancouver Biennale: Water #10

This is Water #10 by Chinese artist Jun Ren. This 7 tonne stainless steel sculpture is suppose to represent liquid water as a drop or spill in motion. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the very top of the structure, but I’ll have to go back again. Surrounding the sculpture is the beautiful water front facing the BCIT Aerospace Building and the Richmond Olympic Oval down stream. The Last picture is from an airplane flying overhead making its way towards YVR. If you want to watch a beautiful sunset..bring a date, you know…you should really come here and enjoy the view. The rest of the pictures are here.

Water #10

Water #10

Water #10

BCIT Richmond Campus

Airplanes Going To Lightspeed

Vancouver Biennale: Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head

So after failing at studying, I decided to take some pictures around Richmond. I’ve been meaning to go and check out Miss Mao after all the controversy it was recently causing about promoting communism among other things. But isn’t that what art is suppose to do? Challenge the way we think about things and stir up conversation/debate? The rest of the pictures are at the Miss Mao set on Flickr.

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

Vancouver Biennale: Lenin & Miss Mao

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

So….for some reason or another, these heads suddenly appeared in front of Lansdowne. There was no information about them, but a lot of interested people. It reminded me of the power art has on a community as I saw over 20 people come walking by and asking questions about the sculpture. Who made them? What’s it made out of? Is this part of the Olympics? This event showed me the value of art in our community and its ability to get people talking and questioning.

2010 Challenges. Week 4: Resolutions, The City

2010: Week 4 Resolutions, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

Love this city. That’s my resolution, to love and appreciate one of the greatest cities in the world, Vancouver. I hate this place so much sometimes, but it’s my home, it’s where I’ve been the last 19 years and I love it despite everything else. This is the concrete jungle of the Pacific Northwest.
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

2010 Challenges. Week 2: Resolutions, Photography Goals


Here are a list of things I want to accomplish before the end of the year

  1. Continue my 2010 Weekly Challenge
  2. Take at least one photo a week for the Ubyssey
  3. Improve my eye/compositional techniques through learning and reading
  4. Try to take pictures everyday
  5. Get some interesting portraits done
  6. Shoot some basketball games, maybe Olympics at UBC, and more football during the fall
  7. Take better pictures of my friends

Watch out for my next 2 weeks of New Year resolutions.