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Creative Destruction.

Thank you for all the support from all the readers of nobuddyreads, all your comments and compliments have been extraordinary. But like all thing, I’m in need of some change so I’m going to be moving blogs here. So bookmark the new blog and keep the comments coming!


Creative Destruction: Food52

I’ve gained some inspiration and started a new project. Check out the first post here, enjoy!

Vancouver Biennale Blog

Thanks Sean Cranbury for featuring nobuddyreads on the Vancouver Biennale Blog! It’s pretty awesome to see some of my pictures on the blog for such a huge project!

I’ll leave you guys off with an attempted product shot of my 50mm 1.8:

50 1.8


So I’ve decided to change the pace of my blog a little bit. Rather than writing posts periodically, I’m going to include the expeditions with my camera. So to begin, I’m gonna be trying a something different: film. This is my dad’s old F70, which needs batteries and film, but otherwise is good to go!



I’m excited, now all I’ll need is something better to edit with than iPhoto.


With all my preparations to go back to school, I’ve forgotten to keep up with my blogging! The past week has been satisfying as I am getting ready to go back to school. The excitement of starting a new school term and anticipation of beginning classes I am excited for have given me motivation to get organized ahead of time.

For the first time since my senior year in high school, I’m preparing myself for success. I am getting everything in order before I have no time during school. I am beginning to read ahead, prepare my books and cleaning up my computer. 

I feel motivated to do better than I did the year before and to exceed my own expectations for success. I will plan ahead, set goals, and be disciplined in order to be successful.