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MIA: Exams

I’ve decided to go MIA for the next 17 days until my exams are over. But before I go, I wanted to write out some plans for the summer:

  • Get more portraits in (Belle, Minnie and Jordan!!!!)
  • Make my Portfolio!
  • Photowalks (Lets go Nick! you too Jeremy…I think it’s a much needed catch up)
  • Document the city
  • Take some more photos of my own cooking
  • Get in the studio and learn some lighting!
  • Get my reading on, I’ve got the Photographer’s Eye and Light: Science and Magic waiting for me
  • Go on a couple weekend travels
  • Get sponsors and raise a ton of money for the Richmond BCSPCA‘s Paws for a Cause
  • Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my ife (ie: Urban Planning in Grad schools, etc)

But First, Kill my exams. See ya Later everyone! Since I have no pictures to give you, here’s a cute cat.

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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Happy Birthday!!!!!, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

The only girl who will wash dishes and study when drunk on her Birthday. Happy Birthday!!

More Pictures

I love this camera, but I should be studying for my exam tommorow.

DSC_0079Shutter set to 5 seconds, I have more but my face is pretty hideous. I’ll try more another time…when I don’t have exams.