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After class today the sunset was making some beautiful light so I decided to get some shots in. This is my BFF Jordan, he’s a natural cam whore/model so it works out pretty well.

Jordan 03/29/10

Jordan 03/29/10

Jordan 03/29/10


2010: February. Sukiyaki

2010: February. Sukiyaki, originally uploaded by Jon Chiang.

Sukiyaki hotpot at Posh!

2010 Challenges. Week 3: Resolutions, Protein

2010: Week 3 Resolutions, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

So Andrew and I went to Popeyes this weekend to get some protein. Gonna workout and have huge biceps and a six pack by the end of the year. Haha just kidding. But I am gonna lose some of this belly.


Owl, originally uploaded by jchiang17.

Hoot. Hoot.